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Our Board

2022 - 2023

Blair Connelly - President

Matthew Kirsch - Vice President

Nilesh Patel - Co-Treasurers

Jessica Patel - Co-Treasurers

Joy Rho - Recording Secretary

Amy Palmer - Corresponding Secretary

Dr. Kenneth Hamilton - Ex Officio

Grace Lin - Ex Officio

Jamie Brookman

Meredith Cohen

Lindsey Goldstein

Anita Gupta

Sharon Ho

Kyle Hosier

Jeanette Leeds

Betsy McCormack

Elyse Pace

Krishnan Padmanabhan

Jennifer Rosin

Amanda Sherwin

Erika Siddiq

Matthew Thomas

Emily Waldman

Rebecca Webb

Community Engagement

We are always looking for new people and new ideas!

If you are interested in joining our board or have any questions, please email us here.

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